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Seattle Mariners infielder Mark McLemore has been suspended for five games and fined an undisclosed amount for an on-field altercation that took place during the Devil Rays-Mariners game at Safeco Field on Saturday, May 20, Frank Robinson, Vice President of On-Field Operations for Major League Baseball, announced Tuesday.

Major League Baseball named Lucy Calautti director of federal relations.

Major League Baseball handed out its suspensions and fines today for last Saturday's bench-clearing brawl between the Tigers and White Sox. MLB suspended 16 people for a total of 82 games in all, and fined a total of 25 persons totaling $21,000.

The Florida Marlins named Rick Williams  as their major league scout.

The Seattle Mariners will welcome Kazuhiro Sasaki to American baseball by handing him the closer job at Safeco. Sasaki won the job after incumbent Jose Mesa got lit up yet again during Thursday's exhibition game.

Unhappy that he wasn't able to play up to his standards, New York Yankees outfielder Tim Raines retired Thursday.
"I guess we all have an alarm for when it's time for your career to end, and I felt like my alarm went off two weeks ago," Raines said during a news conference in the Yankees' dugout before an exhibition game against Boston.

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